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Revenge game? Or are the Chargers in for Deja-Vu?

The Chargers head into Jacksonville, under the prime time lights to take on Trevor Lawrence and the steaming hot Jaguars. The Chargers, coming off a defeat to the broncos, look to seek revenge on the Jaguars for their week 3 match up.

The Chargers arguably played their worst game against the Jaguars in week 3. But just by look at the box score, you wont see the full picture. The Previous week, Chargers played against the Chiefs on Thursday night. What we did not know, is that Herbert would take a shot to the ribs, suffering a fractured rib cartilage that would affect him multiple weeks. Traveling back another week, wide receiver one Keenan Allen suffered a hamstring injury that would keep him out multiple weeks. So bearing this information lets look at the Chargers Jaguars match up week 3.

This game was a disaster. Herbert fresh off a rib injury, is struggling to throw the whole game. Jaguars defense had figured out this dink and dunk offense and was dominating. Starting in the first quarter, star pass rusher Joey Bosa went down with a groin injury. Moving to the third quarter, where the score was 31-10, stud left tackle Rashawn Slater went down with a bicep injury. And lastly, in the 4th quarter speedster wide receiver

Jalen Guyton went down with a torn Acl, ending his season. It was a nightmare situation for the Chargers, but a glimpse into the future for the Jaguars.

Now the Chargers are getting healthy. With Joey bosa coming back and gaining his explosiveness back, it couldnt be more of a perfect time for the Chargers to make a deep playoff run.


The Chargers are entering the playoffs with hardly any momentum, but this wont stop them from playing hard and hungry. After the week 3 embarrassment, the Bolts want their revenge. The offense is looking to attack this rolling Jaguars defense, and the Chargers defense is looking to put pressure on Trevor Lawrence. Meanwhile, after the week 18 win over the Titans, the Jaguars are heading into the playoffs to prove themselves. They are looking to attack this poor Chargers run defense. I believe the Chargers pull out Saturday night with a win 28-21.

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