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Overall thoughts of Chargers first Pre Season Game. Spiller heats up the battle more. Chargers win!

To start off my overall View on today's game. Im going to mention the Isaiah Spiller 70-yard touchdown run. Although it was called back due to a holding call by guard Mcfadden, Spiller showed good speed on the run. He saw the gap and turned on the turbo. Spiller, with that run, just heated up the battle for the RB2 spot even more.

The second half defense was very shaky. But im not going to judge harshly. The first pre-season game is all about evaluation. So today's objective was to get a glimpse of the rookies and practice squad players who could make the 53-man roster.

Some noticeable things from the second half:

  • Mcfadden has a long way to go to be a starting guard or even a 2nd string guard.

  • Elijah Dotson can be a sneaky 3rd string to 4th string Rb, Even posted 2 running touchdowns.

  • Max Duggan didn't get a chance to show off his skills due to poor Oline Play

  • Cornerbacks were having a tough time keeping up with opposing wide receivers.

  • Defensive linemen were doing pretty well, and could be better at block shedding, but pass rush-wise was pretty good.

  • OLine depth I can't decide on if its good or not. The second half Depth does not look good at all. The first half depth looked good.

Overall, Chargers' first pre-season game was a success in terms of evaluating players. Chargers coaching staff was able to challenge each position group in their own way. Putting the Cornerbacks in both Man and Zone coverage. Wide Receivers in Blocking assignments and the Oline in running and passing plays. The Offense in the second half was more running plays, almost splitting carries between Rountree and Dotson. Im excited to see the future pre-season games and what Johnston and other rookies can flash before the regular season.

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