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Mike Williams is out! Whats the Chargers gameplan now?

Earlier this morning, the Chargers announced that Star Wide Receiver Mike Williams has been downgraded to OUT. Starting in the week 18 game vs the broncos, he came down with a back fracture, although this was not known until this morning. During the week, it was said by Staley that he would practice, travel with the team, and determine in Pre-game warmups if he would be good to go. And now we know this is not the case.

Assuming Staley and co knew Williams was going to be out, they started to plan for this game early in the week. So what can fans expect this Saturday night?

Here's what I think. The Chargers are going to try and set up the run game early. Whether that be with Joshua Kelley or Austin Ekeler. Kelley has come into his own as a strong runner, falling forward every chance he gets. Ekeler provides that elusiveness and swiftness to run in between tackles. This is a lethal combo and if used properly this Saturday, can set up the passing game perfectly. This is similar to the Rams game, where Ekeler ran on 10 carries for 122 yards and a touchdown. While Kelley ran on 9 carries for 45 yards. Both of these allowed play action passes down the field allowing the Chargers to score with ease.

The last time the Chargers played the Jaguars, the run game was a ghost. No where to be found. Ekeler running for 5 yards and Kelley running for -3, we all know it was a pretty game. But as mentioned in my previous post, This Chargers team is different.

The Jaguars run defense ranks in the middle of the pack at 17. Which is a good opportunity for the Chargers to get the run game going. Assuming this works, the Jaguars rank 17 in pass defense, another perfect opportunity for Justin Herbert to stretch the field and score. Its good to see Keenan Allen getting open like its nothing, and we need to use him more then ever. Its possible to use clear out routes from Palmer or carter and hit Allen over the middle. Or even hit Allen on the sideline where it seems he operates best. Palmer is going to need to step up big time! Hes come into his own shoes, and while he wont make crazy contested catches like WIlliams, his route running allows him to get open against any situation.

I still believe the Chargers win this game, I have nothing but faith in this team. Its unfortunate to see Mike Williams hurt playing in a meaningless game, but the team that wants it more goes through every obstacle. And this Team is ready for that.

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