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Jerrod Clark

Height: 6'4

Weight: 334

Age: /

School: Coastal Carolina

Three Cone: 7.60


  • Overall body strength is beautiful

  • Very strong at the point of attack, holds his ground very well

  • Strong club move

  • Loves to swipe away OLineMans hands and make a play

  • Sets the block perfectly so Edge Rushers can make a play

  • Plugs the gap effectively


  • Remains one-dimensional in terms of pass rushing

  • Footwork needs to be improved upon

  • Agility needs work

Games Watched:

  • Coastal Carolina vs Troy 2022


I love Jerrod Clark. Fell in love with him at the combine. And you may be thinking, why? Well, let me explain to you the run-stopping beast that is Jerrod Clark. Putting up a total of 40 tackles over 525 snaps, 244 of which were run defensive snaps, he is a beast down the middle. Along with that, he even posted 3.5 sacks. jerrod clark utilizes a 3-point stance, and when the ball is snapped, attacks the opponent's leverage quickly. He is able to maintain his leverage quite well. If the play is a run play, he is going to take on the double team and set the block for his fellow edge rushers to make a play. One thing Clark uses a lot is his club move. He possesses a powerful punch and often gets by his defender. Clark does need to work on his overall athleticism though. He can often stumble over himself and fall to the ground. But we won't be expecting him to be an Aaron Donald for us. We want him to plug the gaps and set blocks, just like he did so well in college. I'm excited for Clark to be wearing Powder Blue.

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