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Chargers lose Season Opener by 2 points. But Stats make it seem like a blowout.

The Chargers played their season opener at home against the Dolphins in a shootout battle. The final score was 36-34, with the Chargers being on the short end of the stick.

Tua threw 28/45, 466 yards and 3 touchdowns. Absolutely torching the Charger's defense. Tyreek Hill had 11 catches for 215 yards and 2 touchdowns. Thats insane numbers for a season opener. What bothers me is that after the second half, there was still no safety shadowing Tyreek Hill over the top, which would've helped prevent those long balls Tua kept throwing. I wonder if our coach is capable of making smart moves. Its insane when this team's defense is supposed to be filled with "All-Pros", but no one showed up to ball today. Mack and Bosa didn't put up a single sack in today's game. None of our defensive linemen did. Tua seemed to have all day to throw.

Moving to the secondary, Our Corners, specifically JC Jackson had a terrible time in coverage today. Im not sure the exact stats, but I can Guarantee you JC gave up more than 100 yards today. Derwin was Derwin, making some good tackles when others wouldn't.

Kenneth Murray, we all know what he did. Nothing. He did nothing. Missed coverages, leaving guys open on play action, and letting the ball slip behind him because he has zero awareness. Murray was in his own world today.

The defense was absolutely horrible today. But, I hate to admit it, Tua and the Dolphin's offense carved us out today. They came in prepared. Props to Tua for proving alot of Charger fans wrong.

Moving to Offense. This to me, was our only pro of the game. The offense put up some great rushing stats. Ekeler rushed on 16 attempts for 117 yards and 1 touchdown. Kelley rushed on 16 attempts for 91 yards and 1 touchdown. In total dropping 234 yards on the ground. This is something Charger fans can look forward to a lot this year under Kellen Moore. Those scheme runs were fun to watch I cant lie.

The passing game was also pretty decent today as well. Herbert, on 33 passing attempts and 23 completions threw for 228 yards and 1 touchdown. He looked composed, and decisive. Only problem is, that the offensive scheme had problems picking up the blitz. But other than that, the rushing and passing game already is off to a decent start this year.

Next week, the Chargers go on the road to face the Titans. Lets hope we can come out with a win on that one.

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