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Chargers lose in Overtime to the Titans. Starting the season 0-2.

The Chargers went into Nashville looking for redemption after losing a close game to Miami last week. But ended up with the same result this week.

The Chargers' pass defense let up 276 passing yards and one passing touchdown to Ryan Tannehill today. Not to mention, the rush defense let up 140 rush yards and 2 touchdowns, one of which was to Tannehill on a read-option play.

There are no more excuses for this Defense anymore. We have the pieces for a great defense, but the scheme is awful. Staley was brought in to fix this defense. To create a scheme that can help our offense rest. But it's the same situation as previous years. We have no defense.

Another point, the Chargers had 5 sacks in today's game. 2 of which came from Bosa, and others from Tuli and Morgan Fox. But it definitely did not matter in the end.

Justin Herbert looked pretty good today. Went 27/41 and 305 yards today. Along with 2 passing touchdowns. He did have some questionable throws and decisions today. An example is, when he audibled down to a run play where it was blown up on 3rd and 5. Another example is the 2 throwaway balls on our only offensive possession in OT. He led this offense to 24 points, but it didn't matter in the end, because of the defense. I enjoyed watching today's offense, I really did. The run game didn't go anywhere, but the passing game was fun.

I don't expect Staley to be fired, Telesco won't do it. But I can expect Staley to not have the respect of the Guys after these first two losses. Even next week, against the Vikings, I expect us to lose 10,000 percent. Staley needs to relieve his duties as a defensive playcaller entirely. And let Derrick Ansley take over.

Final takeaways:

Pass defense won't improve under Staley

Kenneth Murray played well today

Justin Herbert played well but needs to be smarter at the LOS

Interior OLine needs to improve heavily

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