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2023 NFL Safety prospects

This will consist of a list of safety prospects.

Jordan Battle:

Height: 6'1

Weight: 206

Age: 22

School: Alabama

40-yard dash: 4.55


  • Good hip transitions

  • Won't get caught from behind.

  • Good Tackler, wrap-up tackler

  • Smart safety understands route concepts


  • Cant play a single high-safety role

  • Pursuit angles can be bad

  • Limited to a deep safety, not enough playing time in other alignments

Games Watched:

  • Alabama vs Tennessee 2022

  • Alabama vs Texas A&M 2022

  • Alabama vs Utah State 2022


Jordan battle is interesting. From the games that I watched, he didn't really show huge flashes. But sometimes prospects don't need to show great flashes to be great in the NFL. Jordan Battle is as reliable as it comes. Battle won't give up any plays behind him. He keeps every receiver in front of him. And if it's either a dump down or check down, he will make a sure tackle every single time. With Battle, he is limited in his versatility. He thrives playing deep, not playing as well in the nickel slot or in the box. So I would plug him into the deep part of the field and watch him thrive.

JL Skinner:

Height: 6'4

Weight: 220

Age: 21

School: Boise State 40 yard dash: TBD


  • Lengthy Frame, Good height

  • Always looking to make a play at the LOS

  • Quick bursts in short areas

  • Good Zone feel

  • Good tackle radius


  • Not a lot of muscle mass

  • Vertical speed needs work

  • Stiff when transitioning down field

Games Watched:

  • Boise State vs BYU 2022

  • Boise State vs Air Force 2022


Skinner is a playmaker at the LOS. With 217 more snaps aligned in the box than playing in the backfield, Skinner can be considered a Blitzing safety. You won't be able to use him as a linebacker, but his muscle mass is a concern. Nonetheless, Skinner can thrive in blitzing situations or playing in the hard flats. Looking for the running back to get a check-down and make a violent tackle. If he's going to be playing deep, he likes to bite on the first route he sees. Which can be a problem, but can also be a very good thing. With Skinner, you will get some massive plays when he is aligned in the box.

Ji'Ayir Brown:

Height: 5'11

Weight: 208

age: 22

School: Penn State

40 yard dash: 4.65


  • Tremendous downhill runner

  • Strong hitter

  • Can track the ball downfield like a receiver

  • 10 pick sixes in two different seasons


  • Angle of attack needs improvement

  • Can bite down on a play to soon and get blown by a receiver behind him

  • To small to be considered a deep end safety

Games Watched:

  • Penn State vs Michigan 2022

  • Penn State vs Ohio State 2022


Ji'Ayir plays with extreme motor and passion. His downhill speed is insanely scary. And if he has someone in his sights, he will more than likely make a violent tackle. And I say more than likely because sometimes he can be coming downhill so hot that he misses the tackle. However, with Brown, he isn't inconsistent with missing these tackles. One concern I do have with Ji'Ayir is that his size can limit him to only align in the box. Standing at 5'11, it can be hard for him to go against the taller receivers if he's presented with a 1v1 opportunity downfield. Ji'Ayir has a lot of raw talent, and with the right teammates, he can thrive quickly. Maybe if he is paired up with derwin, the league is in for one pair of hard hitting safeties.

Sydney Brown:

Height: 6'0

Weight: 205

Age: 22

School: Illinois

40 Yard dash: 4.47


  • Explosive in the open field

  • Aggresive against run blocking wide receivers

  • Extremely Versatile

  • Good speed


  • Short for a safety

  • Tackle mechanics needs to improve dramatically

Games Watched:

  • Illinois vs Wisconsin 2022


Where do I begin with Sydney Brown. Well, one thing I would like to point out is that he is explosive right off his first step. And in the open field, He can track anyone down. However, his tackling ability might limit him to actually making the play. Now, under somebody like Derwin james, his tackling ability will rise exponentially to where he is tackling like a linebacker. Sydney Browns versatility has allowed him to play on almost any role on the defense(minus DT and Edge of course). With 177 snaps in the slot, 444 snaps in the box, and 60 playing in the back, its obvious to see how Sydney is a smart enough player to be placed in any role. However, given his size, it might be best to allow to him to play a role in the 2 high shell look. Which is funny, because that's what Staley likes to run the most. If Brown can fix his tackling mechanics soon into his rookie season, I can see him starting early in the year.

Jammie Robinson:

Height: 5'11

Weight: 203

Age: 22

School: Florida State

40 yard dash: 4.59


  • Great physical tackler

  • Good IQ for a safety

  • Patient, wont bite down on a concept immediately

  • Good transitional agility

  • Alot of experience in every role (Slot, Box, deep)


  • Can have a hard time against the run due to smaller size

  • Smaller wingspan

  • Needs to improve muscle mass

Games Watched:

  • Florida state vs Clemson 2022


Jammie Robinson is a great coverage Safety. From a school that has produced Derwin James, Jalen Ramsey, and Asante samuel Jr, I'm not surprised that Jammie will be a 1st or early 2nd round pick in this years draft. Robinson has a knack for zone coverage. Hes a patient safety who understands route concepts. He wont bite down, and if he does, that means the ball has been thrown. With Robinson, he wont get burnt from behind, he keeps everything in front of him. However, Robinsons lack of muscle mass and size is a bit of a concern. He can and will be pushed around by the bigger TEs of the NFL and possibly running backs if he isn't careful. Robinson is a great zone safety and will make every tackle within his reach.

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