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2023 NFL Draft Wide Receiver Prospects

Updated: Mar 4, 2023

Fellow Charger fans this is a list of College Wide Receiver prospects that May interest you in the upcoming draft.

Wide Receiver

Zay Flowers:

Height: 5'10

Weight: 172

Age: 22.5

School: Boston college

40 yard dash: 4.42


  • Killer Linear speed

  • Fluid in and out of his routes

  • does not lose speed when breaking in or out of a route

  • Has great playmaking ability after the catch

  • Can attack you on all three levels of the field


  • Height and weight can prove to be an issue, Not the biggest catch radius

  • Inconsistent hands, Can let the ball slip through his hands

  • Tends to give up when designated to run block.

Games watched:

  • Boston college vs Clemson 2021

  • Boston college vs Duke 2020

  • Boston college vs Pitt 2020


Zay Flowers is going to be your go to speed guy from the start. His ability to break in and out of routes without losing speed or acceleration is incredible. Get him the ball, and he will bust out all different types of jukes and spins just to fight for extra yards. And although his hands may not be the most consistent, he definitely makes up for it with his speed. In the supposed Kyle shanahan/Mcvay offense, he can play primary slot and find soft spots 20 yards down the field. To me, this would be our Tyler Lockett on the inside.

Josh Downs:

Height: 5'10

Weight: 175

Age: 21

School: North Carolina

40 Yard dash: 4.48


  • Sharp routes

  • Fast Acceleration, Hits top speed quickly

  • Sure hands.


  • Hesitant off the line, takes a second to get into his route

  • Small Size

  • Limited to the Slot position

Games Watched:

  • North Carolina vs Miami 2021

  • North Carolina vs Notre Dame 2022


Josh Downs is a Dynamic slot receiver. Standing at 5'10, he wont be your outside X receiver. Josh is your scheme receiver. Meaning, you are gonna have to have clear out routes to get Josh open. This isnt a bad thing though. If you get the ball in his hands, he will fight for every yard. While at first, Josh would seem hesitant to find his step off the line. Under Keenan allen and Palmer, he would find his footing quick.

Nathaniel Dell:

Height: 5'10

Weight: 165

Age: 23

School: Houston Cougars

40 Yard Dash: 4.49


  • Not afraid to take hits

  • Quick off the line

  • Electric after the catch ability


  • Has to fight for separation

  • Wont break alot of tackles.

  • Cant block in the run game

  • Rounds out his routes

Games Watched:

  • Houston Cougars vs Auburn 2021

  • Houston Cougars vs Cincinnati 2021

  • Houston Cougars vs Texas tech 2022


From what I saw, Dell reminds me more of Devonta smith, small frame, but still able to make big plays happen. Dell is not afraid to take big hits. When the ball is snapped, he accelerates quickly, making the cornerbacks look sluggish. Getting where he needs to be quickly for his QB to hit him in stride. And Although he wont be a help in the run game, let him run a route down the middle of the field and he will do the rest.

Jordan Addison:

Height: 6'0

Weight: 175

Age: 20

School: USC

40 yard dash: 4.49


  • Crispy route running

  • Catches with his hands on short to Medium routes

  • Deep route speed is great.

  • Uses arms to get separation instead of relying on his speed

  • Speed off the Catch is great

  • Can play any Alignment


  • Can have a little trouble separating from Press man Coverage

  • Smaller frame

  • Struggles with deep ball catching. Catches with his pads rather then Hands.

Games Watched:

  • Usc vs Stanford 2022

  • Usc vs Rice 2022

  • Usc vs Oregon State 2022

  • Pitt vs Clemson 2021


As a USC fan, I love Jordan Addison. Any NFL fan can also see this guy will be special. His ability to run any route given is insane. From a simple slant, to a 20 yard comeback route, He can do it all. And not only can he run any route, he can run them at any Wide Receiver alignment. Now with every player, their are going to be some downsides. With Addison, he does struggle a little bit against press man coverage. Along with deep ball catching, can struggle to bring the ball in. But nonetheless, Addison is going to be great on any team he is drafted to.

Parker Washington

Height: 5'10

Weight: 215

Age: 20

School: Penn State

40 Yard Dash: TBD


  • Can fight through contact on routes well

  • Isnt afraid to take hits

  • Good YAC ability (Can shake off tackles, juke and spin away)

  • Consistent hands


  • Is a little to comfortable with contact. Can rely on that to get separation

  • very slight struggle to get seperation

  • Struggles to Run Block

Games watched:

  • Penn state vs Auburn 2021

  • Penn State vs Iowa 2021


Parker washington has a ton of upside. While he doesnt show to be the biggest guy on the field, he makes up for it with his ability to fight through contact. His hands are incredibly consistent and is willing to take a big hit just to bring down the catch. And if he finds the ball in stride, he will juke, spin, and break tackles to get the offense that much closer to the endzone. And while he can struggle to get separation against man, he finds a way to the ball every time.

Jalin Hyatt:

Height: 6'1

Weight: 180

Age: 21

School: Tennessee Vols

40 Yard dash: 4.40


  • Great Route runner

  • Speed is astonishing for being 6'1

  • Tracks the deep ball very well.

  • Always fighting for extra yardage

  • Attacks the CB cushion with his speed, Not Hesitant


  • Limited route tree. Has to pick up other routes alot better.

  • Played alot of his snaps in the Slot Position

  • Depending on the offense, can be a one trick pony

Games Watched:

  • Tennessee vs Alabama 2022

  • Tennessee vs Florida 2022

  • Tennessee vs Kentucky 2022

  • Tennessee vs LSU 2022


Hyatt is as explosive as it gets. His speed at the third level is incredible. Hyatts route running at the second and third level gets him open almost every time. When hit in stride, he fights for extra yards, always looking to score. And when going against cushioned corners, he doesnt hesitate to attack their leverage. Now, his route tree is limited to the deeper routes, like post routes and fade routes. His dominant alignment is the slot, limiting him to not play on the outside Receiver. However, an explosive receiver, incredibly fast, and a great deep route runner? Sign me up to draft him.

Jayden Reed:

Height: 6'0

Weight: 185

Age: 22

School: Michigan State

40 Yard Dash: TBD


  • Loves to create separation with his arms rather then rely on pure speed.

  • Comfortable catching in the middle of the field

  • Smart Receiver, always looking for open seams in the zone coverage.

  • Makes up for speed with his YAC ability


  • Not so great against Press man coverage.

  • Aggressive when it comes to run blocking, can be downfall in the NFL

  • Not the greatest Straight Line speed

Games Watched:

  • Michigan State vs Michigan 2021

  • Michigan State vs Wisconsin 2022


Jayden Reed may not have the fastest 40 yard dash, but he can make up for it in multiple different ways. For one, his YAC ability is great, can shake off defenders easily and fight for yards. Reed thinks like a veteran, can look for open seams in zone coverage and hit the gas. Allowing his QB to hit him in stride 30+ yards down the field. I wouldnt recommend rotating him in for Run blocking assignments as he can get aggressive and be called for a hold. Nonetheless, Jayden reed has good potential and can be stolen in the later rounds of the draft.

Jonathan Mingo:

Height: 6'2

Weight: 225

Age: 21

School: Mississippi Rebels

40 Yard dash: TBD


  • Uses strength off the line

  • Can be a tough tackle

  • Always attempting to make a play after the catch

  • Very good Y-A-C Ability ^


  • Can have a tough time separating in vertical routes.

  • Speed not considered Elite. But Good

Games watched:

  • Mississippi vs Vanderbilt 2022

  • Mississippi vs LSU 2022


Mingo is an interesting prospect. He isnt flashy or considered a top 10 pick. However, he does have some good qualities to him. He possess a lethal after the catch ability. Mingo is always looking to juke or spin somebody out. He is considered a tough tackle. Along with that, he is 6'2, which is taller than alot of the receivers in this years draft class. Mingo needs to learn to create separation at the LOS with his feet rather then only relying on his strength. Now dont get me wrong, if he can succeed in the NFL using his strength, then by all means let him do it. But it wouldnt hurt for him to be taught a better release technique. I think Mingo can fit into a screen heavy scheme. I know Chargers liked to run Bubble screens and Jet Sweeps, and Mingo would fit really well into that scheme. But with Kellen moore joining as OC, their offense is bound to change. Any team could benefit with rotating in Mingo for a screen play.

Marvin Mims:

Height: 5'11

Weight: 184

Age: 20

School: Oklahoma

40 yard dash: TBD


  • Vertical threat

  • Elite Linear speed

  • Great After the Catch ability


  • Route tree isnt established

  • On the smaller side

Games Watched:

  • Oklahoma vs Texas 2022

  • Oklahoma vs TCU 2021

  • Oklahoma vs Oregon 2021


I could describe Marvin Mims in a couple words. And that would be, Marvin Mims is a tier 1 version of Tyreek hill. But for the sake of we wanting to write, let me describe what I mean. Marvin mims has elite vertical speed. Can our race alot of corners in the NFL. Even downfield, he will attempt to catch the ball at its high point, but due to his size, he wont always win. But its the thought that counts here. If you can scheme open Mims, he will alwways make a play. Whether that be juking somebody out their shoes, or spinning someone out of existence, he will make something happen. Mims will bring that speed that the Chargers so desperetly need.

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