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2023 NFL Draft Tight End Prospects

This will consist of Tight End Prospects in the upcoming NFL draft.

Tight End:

Michael Mayer:

Height: 6'4

Weight: 265

Age: 21

School: Notre Dame

40 Yard Dash: 4.70


  • Quick first step off the snap

  • Always Fights against DBs and LBs to gain separation

  • Good Body control, never loses balance

  • ability to High point the ball is amazing

  • Always puts in extra effort to catch the ball away from his radius


  • Blocking technique can be a bit inconsistent

  • Speed can be an issue, but Speedy TE are rare

  • Route tree can be limited

Games Watched:

  • Notre Dame vs Oklahoma 2021

  • Notre Dame vs Ohio State 2022

  • Notre Dame vs Clemson 2022


Michael mayer is an insanely polished Tight End. He is a possession racking machine. From his explosive first step off the snap, to going up and High pointing the ball in contested Catches. Mayer is willing to take all the hits just for the catch. And while he wont out run Defensive backs, he can gain separation with his strength and long arms. Whoever drafts Mayer, is in for a treat.

Dalton Kincaid:

Height: 6'4

Weight: 240 Age: 23

School: Utah

40 Yard Dash: TBD


  • Quick Release off the snap

  • Good route runner for a Tight End

  • Uses his body to shield off Defenders, Sneaky red zone threat.

  • Good Catch radius


  • Struggles to hold blocks

  • Wont shake off Pressed DBs or LBs

  • Not the Biggest of Frames

Games Watched:

  • Utah vs San Diego State 2021


Kincaid has good potential. He has the kit to be a second string Tight end, or if your team is Tight End desperate, a starter. Good Route running, reliable hands, decent downfield speed. If Kincaid can learn to separate a bit better and block better with his body, hes a solidified starter. Nonetheless, Kincaid shows scouts that he has alot of potential, just has a few knick knacks to fix.

Darnell Washington:

Height: 6'7

Weight: 270

Age: 21

School: Georgia Bulldogs

40 Yard Dash: 4.65


  • Big frame, Big Body

  • Great Blocking, both in Pass and Run situations

  • Super Athletic for his size

  • Good YAC Ability.


  • Relies to much on his Big Frame for separation.

  • Route running needs to be Improved.

  • Wont scare backed up safeties with his speed.

Games Watched:

  • Georgia vs Oregon 2022

  • Georgia vs South Carolina 2022


Darnell is a beast on the field. A monster when lined up at the line. Right off the snap, Darnell is looking to stiff arm some DBs down the field. Get the ball in his hands, and hes going to attempt everything in his power to gain extra yards. He wont go down on the first hit. However, with all good looking prospects, their are always some downsides. With Darnell, his route running needs improvement, he relies to much on his frame to gain separation. Nonetheless, Darnell would be a steal if he happens to fall to the second round.

Sam LaPorta

Height: 6'4

Weight: 249

Age: 22

School: Iowa Hawkeyes

40 Yard Dash: 4.59


  • Can run any route on the route tree

  • Very Reliable Hands. Rarely drops a pass

  • Makes the extra effort to attempt the catch on overthrown or underthrown passes.

  • Good YAC Ability


  • Liability in the Run Game. Cant hold Blocks

Games Watched:

  • Iowa vs Wisconsin 2021


Now you may be looking at the small list of Cons and thinking, "dam, this guy must be good". Well, let me explain. First off, LaPorta is truly a liability in the run blocking game. He seems to have a long way to go in the his blocking techniques. But the list of cons is so small because he has had limited usage in his college career. So he hardly has any film. Now Enough with the cons. LaPorta is a great possession Prospect. Can run any route assigned and at any alignment. His ability to fight off tackles is very nice to. He is almost Identical to Tyler Higbee.

Brevyn Spann-Ford:

Height: 6'7

Weight: 270

Age: 23

School: Minnesota

40 Yard Dash: TBD


  • Good Body control

  • Reliable hands, Loves to tuck ball before making any effort after the catch

  • Works best on the perimeter.

  • Good Playmaker with ball in hands.


  • Route running needs to be improved to be a starter someday.

  • Lacks speed

Games Watched:

  • Minnesota vs Ohio State 2021

  • Minnesota vs Purdue 2021


Ford reminds me of Donald Parham. Tall build, very reliable hands and can make big plays happen after the catch. Along with decent enough run Blocking to make it to the NFL. Fords best comes when he works along the sideline, his body control is great that he wont step out of bounds without being forced out of bounds. While his route running may be stiff and his lack of speed is a concern, he can be a great pickup for any team.

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