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2023 NFL Draft Linebacker Prospects

Updated: Mar 6, 2023

This will consist of Linebacker prospects for the upcoming draft.

Jack Campbell:

Height: 6'5

Weight: 246

Age: 22

School: Iowa

40 Yard Dash: 4.65


  • Good communicator on the field

  • Physical Tackler. Always tries for the wrap-up tackle

  • Good closing speed

  • Good Frame (Wide shoulders, long arms).

  • focuses on QBs eyes all the time


  • Not so good in Man Coverage. Cant cover TE all that well

  • Has to learn how to use hands more violently rather than relying on his Arm Length.

  • Can Track the ball, but slow to react to it

Games Watched:

  • University of Iowa vs Ohio State 2022

  • University of Iowa vs Nebraska 2020


Jack Campbell can be considered a steal depending on where he is drafted. It seems like alot of teams are not On Ball Linebacker hungry this draft, so if he could fall into round 2, thats a good pickup for any team. Campbell has your traditional Run Stopping Linebacker traits. Not so great in coverage, but good Ball tracking skills, violent wrap up tackler, along with a good frame and good closing speed. Depending who the linebacker coach is on where he is drafted, he can thrive into a key rotational piece quickly.

Daiyan Henley:

Height: 6'2

Weight: 232

Age: 23

School: Washington State

40 Yard dash: 4.54


  • Good Change of direction

  • Good sideline to sideline speed

  • Plays Ball first then pass

  • Good Coverage against Running backs


  • Not so good in pass rushing.

  • Struggles to slip by tackles to stop the run

Games Watched:

  • Washington State vs USC 2022


Daiyan is a solid coverage linebacker. And while he hasn't shown significant flashes to be a top-tier linebacker day 1, he has a lot of potential to be in the coming years. He has good agility. Can dart from sideline to sideline quickly. Daiyan is always looking for the ball the moment the ball is snapped to determine whether it is a run or pass. However, Daiyan does struggle with pass rushing. His Length doesn't allow him to be explosive around the edge or in between the guards. However, if the QB or RB rollout, he will be there with an aggressive wrap-up tackle.

Demarvion Overshown:

Height: 6'4

Weight: 224

Age: 22

School: Texas Longhorns

40 yard dash: 4.56


  • Good at shooting the gaps, whether during blitzes or to stop the run

  • Good Speed. Takes good pursuit angles

  • Doesnt go to crazy with his hands in pass rushing. Has full control and doesnt give up.

  • Good Bend around the edge.


  • Can struggle in zone coverage.

  • Jumps to play action plays to quickly.

  • Smaller frame

  • Can be the first to the ball, but miss the tackle.

Games watched:

  • Texas University at Austin vs Baylor 2021

  • Texas University at Austin vs Alabama 2022

  • Texas University at Austin vs Louisiana 2021


Demarvion is a quick dual threat Linebacker. Can be aligned as an edge rusher, or be lined up as an On ball linebacker and be put in zone. His Current skill set has shown he is better pass rushing, but he can play a true Linebacker just as well is the right amount of coaching. Demarvion has good IQ, and can shoot gaps very well. Only thing he needs to work on, is his tackling. And with the right staff, he can thrive in the defense.

Dorian williams:

Height: 6'2

Weight: 230

Age: 21

School: Tulane

40 Yard Dash: 4.49


  • Can close the distance very well.

  • Good Size and frame

  • Ability to line up as an edge rusher


  • Can struggle with reading play actions and determining where the ball is gonna go

  • Struggles to maintain balance after contact

  • Pursuit angles tend to be more of a miss then hit

Games Watched:

  • Tulane vs Houston 2022

  • Tulane vs Oklahoma 2021


Darion williams is going to be your teams Special Teams guy. He possesses good speed, and has a good tackle radius. Along with his ability to lineup as an edge rusher, his frame allows him to help alot when stopping. Darion does have a few things to work on before claiming a starting spot. He needs to be able to determine where the ball is headed more quickly then he has. And what I mean by that is, he needs to determine whether a play is a run or play action more quickly. While he hasnt shown a ton of flashes of being a top run stopper or Pass coverage linebacker, he has the tools to be a rotational linebacker.

Ivan Pace Jr:

Height: 6'0

Weight: 235

Age: 22

School: Cincinnati

40 yard dash: TBD


  • Super quick off the snap

  • Great speed in Short assigned areas

  • Strong blitzer


  • On the smaller size in terms of Linebacker.

  • Struggles In man coverage

  • Struggles with hand use

Games Watched:

  • Cincinnati vs Arkansas 2022

  • Cincinnati vs SMU 2022

  • Cincinnati vs USF 2022


Ivan Pace Jr is my favorite Linebacker prospect so far. He is going to be your starter day 1. He has the necessary tools to succeed right out the gate. Pace has very good speed in his assigned area. Assign him a blitz, and he will hit the Guard or Tackle with a nasty spin move to get to the QB. With Pace, if he can put on a few pounds of muscle in his early rookie days or even before the draft, he will be perfectly set up. Along with that, he would need to work on his man coverage skills, not granted, alot of Linebackers dont go into man alot, but if needed, it will be crucial that he would be comfortable in that situation. I hope the Chargers draft Ivan Pace Jr.

Noah Sewell:

Height: 6'2

Weight: 235

Age: 20

School: Oregon

40 yard dash: 4.72


  • Can track the ball very well

  • Explosive speed

  • Good upper body strength. Can push Oline men out of his way

  • Great blitzer

  • Always looking to stop the run


  • Zone and Man Coverage need work

  • Can miss tackles

  • Change of direction can be a concern

Games Watched:

  • Oregon vs Stanford 2022

  • Oregon vs UCLA 2020

  • Oregon vs Fresno State 2021


As Penei Sewells younger brother, they share alot of similarities. Able to move people our their way with ease, excellent upper body strength. With Noah, he has a very great toolbox to succeed from day 1. Noah possesses an incredible downhill explosive step, and can run over any lineman who doesn't see him coming. As an aggressive Blitzer, he contains a raw pass-rush skill set that can be worked upon easily. In the NFL, if you blitz him at least 5 times in one game, hes bound to get to the QB at least one time. However, as explosive as Noah is, he does need to work on his zone coverage, along with his man coverage. He has good closing speed, but it would be better if he just stuck next to them in the route. Noah can be an early day 2 pick.

Aubrey Miller jr:

Height: 6'2

Weight: 225

Age: 21

School: Jackson State

40 yard dash: TBD


  • Violent Hitter

  • Wrap up tackler, nothing gets away from him

  • Good compact build

  • Can shed off blocks fairly easy

  • Can read and react to run plays very well


  • Change of direction is a concern

  • Smaller tackle radius

Games Watched:

  • Jackson state vs Grambling State 2022


Aubrey Miller has impressed me in the game film I watched of him. Miller has shown he is a big hitter. Along with that, if Miller gets his arms around a Receiver, Tight end, Running back or even Quaterback, the play is over. Hes going to bring them down heavy. His ability to set the edge as a linebacker is very nice for the run game. Along with that, Millers ability to shed off block with his violent hands and make plays in the run game is a huge A+. With Miller, his agility and ability to change direction is a bit of a concern. He can stumble over his feet trying to make a quick change of direction, but that doesn't mean he will give up on the play. He will hustle and try to make a play. If drafted by the chargers, he can rotate in 3rd and 4th down and make a huge stop.

Owen Pappoe:

Height: 6'1

Weight: 225

Age: 22

School: Auburn

40 yard dash: 4.39


  • Good speed in short areas

  • Great closing speed. Especially good against Mobile Quarterbacks

  • Maintains balance after contact very well

  • Can hit any gap in between the oline very well

  • Understands route concepts very well

  • Smart linebacker


  • Strength can prove an issue

  • Has a tough time getting shedding off Offensive Linemen

  • bites on play actions often

Games Watched:

  • Auburn vs Alabama 2022

  • Auburn vs Georgia 2022

  • Auburn vs Penn State 2021


I really like Owen as a prospect. He possesses great speed for a linebacker. An explosive first step that can prove a problem to any offensive lineman. And Owen is able to hit any lineman gap effortlessly. With Owen, you're going to get a smart linebacker who can understand route concepts and all routes in general. Owen will thrive playing any Vertical hooks or possibly playing the flats. Where if a check-down is thrown, his closing speed allows him to get there quickly and make a big tackle. With Owen, his lack of strength can have him fighting against an offensive tackle the whole run play. While he can hit gaps efficiently against the run, he will often get stuck against fullbacks or interior linemen. Nonetheless, this doesn't mean Owen will simply give up on the play just because he is stuck on an linemen. He will either make an opening for his teammates to make a play or get a reach tackle while being blocked. Either way, Owen will bring some speed to your linebacking core, along with smart reads and sure tackling.

Henry To'o To'o:

Height: 6'2

Weight: 228

Age: 22

School: Alabama

40 yard dash: 4.62


  • Such a good feel for Zone Coverage.

  • Can arrive to the receivers spot before they do

  • Good Closing speed

  • Fluid change of direction, doesn't lose speed

  • Displays a lot of toughness, is willing to go against linemen to make a play


  • Can get manhandled by Linemen

  • Small frame

  • Pass rush moves arent there at all.

  • Pursuit Angles need improvement

Games Watched:

  • Alabama vs Arkansas 2022

  • Alabama vs Florida 2021

  • Alabama vs Kansas State 2022


Now hear me out here, this comparison I am about to make is gonna blow your mind. But Henry To'o To'o is similar to Kenneth Murray. Now hold on, before you click off, let me explain. Both players have shown incredible toughness. Especially in the run game,. Where since they both have smaller frames, they always try to make up for it by setting up an opening for their teammates. Both have displayed sure tackling mechanics and short area explosiveness. With To'o To'o, I consider his coverage skills a lot better. To'o To'o has a good feel of the receivers route, and can often get to the spot before the receiver does. My only concern for To'o To'o is that he is smaller than Kenneth Murray. Meaning he will have a tougher time going against Lineman and fullbacks. Nonetheless, To'o To'o has shown that he can make up for his size with agressiveness, speed, and sure tackling.

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