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2023 NFL Draft Edge Prospects

This will consist of a list of Edge prospects for the upcoming draft.

Andre Carter II:

Height: 6'7

Weight: 260

age: 22

School: Army 40 yard dash: did not run


  • can play in zone coverage if needed

  • Good pash rushing tool kit


  • Lack of Muscle mass

  • No help in the run game

  • Use of hands needs to be more violent

Games Watched:

  • Army vs Wake forest 2022

  • Army vs UTSA 2022


Andre Carter will probably be labeled a Finesse edge. Carter needs to develop his pass-rushing toolkit a little bit more. As of right now, he's a finesse pass rusher. Doesnt posses a bull rush move or is able to hold the tackle still with one arm. He has a good spin and swim move in his belt. With Andre carter, he can thrive over the tackle in a 4-down linemen setup. With his lack of mass, he will have a hard time going against a double team. Nonetheless, Carter can help provide a quick sack to any team that drafts him.

Nolan Smith:

Height: 6'3

Weight: 235

Age: 22

School: Georgia

40 Yard dash: 4.39


  • Super quick off the LOS

  • Good Inside swim move

  • Great bend around the edge

  • Plays well against the run


  • Hand movement needs to be more dynamic/explosive

  • On the smaller side of an edge rusher

Games watched:

  • Georgia vs Vanderbilt 2022

  • Georgia vs South Carolina 2022


Nolan is a lightning strike off the edge. With an amazing bend, he will hit the QB almost instantly. Nolan can play physically in a one on one in the run game. Can set the edge insanely well so his Linebackers can make a play. With Nolan, his pass-rushing toolkit is limited. He has a great inside swim move and bend around the edge, but with his power moves, that could use some work. Nolan's hand movement can use a little bit more explosiveness, but Nolan will be great at the NFL.

Adetomiwa Adebawore:





40 yard dash: 4.49


  • Can prove to be a disruptor in the run game

  • Utilizes 4 point stance against outside tackles

  • Plays a key part in gap control

  • Shows a high motor, never gives up on a play


  • Although he can make a quick blockshed, he has an inconsistency in finishing a play.

  • Exclusively only able to play on the outside

Games Watched:

  • Northwestern vs Wisconsin 2022

  • Northwestern vs Ohio State 2022


Adebawore is an interesting edge prospect. You don't often see a 4-point stance lined up on the outside, but that's what Adebawore does. He can shed blocks quickly off the snap, disrupting the run. If you tell Adebawore to control the gap to plug it up, he will do that and more. And even when the runner bounces outside, he will never give up on the play. He will run and hustle till the whistle blows the play dead. Adebawore has a good run-stopping toolkit, which includes clubbing the Olinemen, inside swim move, and more. Adebawore will be a day 2 pick.

Keion White:

Height: 6'5

Weight: 286

Age: 24

School: Georgia tech

40 yard dash: did not run


  • Good size for an edge defender

  • Really good speed off the edge

  • Good Bend around the edge

  • Can play any alignment


  • Needs to develop his pass-rush skillset more

  • New to playing Edge rusher

Games Watched:

  • Georgia Tech vs Ole Miss 2022

  • Georgia Tech vs Georgia 2022


Keion is an unfinished special project. His speed around the edge is really good. However, his pass rush skillset is limited due to him being new at the position. He played Tight end for two years before converting to Edge Rusher. So of course his still trying to get a feel for the position, but he has been doing really well at the edge. With a good bend around the edge, he has the ability to play all 3 downs if needed. Along with that, he can move into a DT and play that for a bit. Keion is going to be special under the right staff.

Jose Ramirez:

Height: 6'2

Weight: 252

Age: 22

School: Eastern Michigan

40 Yard dash: 4.73


  • Good at Hand usage. Fluid hand movement

  • Good first step off the LOS

  • Maintains a good pad level throughout the play

  • Quick feet

  • Quick to get to the QB


  • Has to improve his anchor strength.

  • Can have a little difficulty setting the edge.

Games Watched:

  • Eastern Michigan vs Arizona State 2022


I really like Jose Ramirez as a late-day 2 or early-day 3 pick. I think he can really thrive next to Bosa and Mack. With Jose, he possesses this great first step off the snap. Challenging the tackles to be faster than him, which most of the time isn't true. With his ability to maintain a good pad level throughout a play, he can quickly shed off the tackle and make a play. Ramirez does need to improve his anchor strength. Ramirez can have a little trouble setting the edge for linebackers, but his pass-rushing skillset can make up for that. With his powerful hands and quickness off the snap, he will make a great addition to the Charger's rotational lineup.

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