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2023 NFL Draft Cornerback Prospects

Updated: Mar 4, 2023

This will consist of a list of the upcoming Cornerback Prospects

Deonte Banks:

Height: 6'2

Weight: 205

Age: 21

School: Maryland

40 Yard dash: 4.35


  • Comfortable with press man coverage

  • Comfortable lining up in any shade coverage (Outside, inside shade)

  • Always attacks the ball aggressively, forces incompletions

  • Comfortable with one on ones down field.

  • Transitions very well from his hip sink technique. Doesnt lose speed


  • Can struggle to get off blocks but wont happen consistently.

  • Not known for a ball hawk

  • Zone coverage needs work

Games Watched:

  • Maryland vs Michigan 2022

  • Maryland vs SMU 2022


Deonte banks is a stud CB. Banks posses a day 1 tool kit to be a starter in the NFL. Banks can line up anywhere, although he will perform at his best on the outside. Banks has very good press abilities. Along with that, he will always play the ball first, forces a good amount of incompletions. With Banks, he does struggle to get off blocks in the run game, bu8t if he does, hes making a physical tackle against the running back. However, Banks will be drafted in the first day, I can say that.

Tyrique Stevenson

Height: 6'0

Weight: 214

Age: 22

School: Miami

40 yard dash: 4.45


  • Good Press abilities, not afraid to take the challenge

  • Good length

  • Good agility, can change hip directions without losing speed.

  • Tracks the ball well downfield.


  • Has to learn Route combinations and concepts better

  • Can fall for double moves, but not often. Can be easily coached out of it.

  • Like all collegiate corners, he can get angsty and start holding downfield, but it doesnt happen often.

Games watched:

  • Miami vs North Carolina 2022

  • Georgia vs Florida gators 2020


Stevenson has the basic fundamentals when it comes to a upcoming draftee. Good linear speed, can stay in stride with alot of receivers in todays game. When lined up in press, he possess a strong jam at the line. With a good punch, receivers are often thrown off their route. With Stevenson, he has to learn to be patient with double moves, but as mentioned, he can be easily coached out of that. Along with being patient, he can get aggressive down field in One on One situations, trying to play for the ball, he can start to hold and be called for pass interference. Again, something he can be coached out of. Whatever team, he is drafted to, he can be a rotational corner on the outside. Or, you can give him time to learn, and throw him in as a starter the following year. All depends on how bad your team needs a corner.

Emmanuel Forbes:

Height: 6'0

Weight: 180

Age: 22

School: Mississippi State

40 yard dash: 4.35


  • Ball hawk. Always finds a way to intercept the football

  • Good limb length

  • Good change of direction and good speed

  • Good hops

  • Fluid hip transitions


  • Frame is small, needs to put on mass.

  • Can get ran over in the run game.

Games Watched:

  • Mississippi vs Alabama 2022


Forbes is an interesting prospect. He is almost like a skinnier version of Trevon Diggs. Always makes a play for the ball, but can get lost in trying that. Forbes has good limb length, but not good limb mass. If hes going to play against the Z receiver, he needs to put on some muscle mass. Or else, he would just get shoved off the line. However, Forbes can play pretty solid just the way he is right now. He has a good vertical, good change of direction, and very good hip transitions. He can be a rotational corner day 1.

Garrett Williams

Height: 6'0

Weight: 189

Age: 21

School: Syracuse

40 yard dash: TBD


  • Can get his head around downfield

  • Always makes an attempt at the ball

  • Fluid agility. Changes direction well

  • Limb length allows him to play the ball at its high point


  • Can get overwhelmed at the NFL Level due to smaller size

  • Backpedal can get a little clanky.

  • Can lose Balance during his hip transition

  • Can get burnt over the top if not careful

Games Watched:

  • Syracuse vs Liberty 2021

  • Syracuse vs Clemson 2020


Williams is going to be your CB5 out the gate. While he does possess some good qualites, he does have alot to work on. With Williams, he was able to out mass alot of the receivers he faced, but at the NFL level, that wont happen. Match him up against Mike Williams or AJ Brown, and he will be shoved off the line. Along with the need to put on mass, Williams needs to work on his back pedal technique. He has the "High Knee" back pedal, which can prove dangerous and can lose his balance at the deep level of the field. However, If he were to get the matchup down field, hes going to make the play on the ball. His Limb length allows him to jump up high and make a play at the ball. Bottom line is, Garrett Williams will be a 2nd round, maybe mid 60s draft pick.

Tre'Vius Hodges-Tomlinson:

Height: 5'9

Weight: 180

Age: 23

School: TCU

40 yard dash: 4.41


  • Great speed

  • Stays in stride with receiver constantly

  • Most incompletions in the 2022 season

  • Aggressively breaks on the ball, making a play everytime

  • Has great route breaks, can often beat the receiver to their spot.


  • Can get caught in his feet downfield going against Comeback or curl routes.

  • As small as a corner as you will see.

  • Gets to aggressive to compensate for his size. Alot of penalties

  • Can get knocked Off balance against Wide receivers or Tight Ends

Games Watched:

  • TCU vs Kansas State 2022

  • TCU vs Oklahoma 2021


Tomlinson, the nephew of legendary running back LaDainian Tomlinson, plays cornerback for TCU. And like his uncle, he is looking to make an impact at the NFL level. Tomlinson is always attempting to make a big play every snap. Whether that be breaking on the ball before the receiver does, or forcing an incompletion like he normally does. With Tomlinson, his ability to change direction with out losing speed is a tool every NFL team is looking for. He wont get beat over top. However, with Tomlinson on the smaller side, he can and will get bullied by bigger receivers in the NFL. And since he is on the smeller size, he trys to make up for it by being aggressive downfield. He led the league in penalties with 14 in the 2022 season. Tomlinson will be at his best on the outside, playing the flats. He will be a mid 2nd round to early 3rd round pick.

Clark Phillips III

Height: 5'10

Weight: 183

Age: 21

School: Utah

40 Yard dash: 4.45


  • Great zone coverage skills

  • Good Ball hawk

  • Good toughness, wont go down easily


  • Can have a little trouble getting off his blocks

  • Weight can be a concern

  • Due to size, can have trouble making consistent tackles

Games Watched:

  • Utah vs Florida gators 2022

  • Utah vs UCLA 2021


Phillips is a zone machine. He has a knack for playing zone coverage. One could say he has the Time Stone and can predict where the receiver will be. Aside from that, putting up 6 int in this last season, he is always looking to make a play on the ball. Phillips is a tough corner, trys to play bigger then his is. He wont go down easily. And although Phillips trys to play bigger, he can be hit with reality against the bigger receivers in the NFL. If he can put on a few muscle mass before getting drafted, he will thrive early in his career. I think if we draft Phillips, we can insert him into the slot position and use him to play flats and middle reads. Any team who drafts can him can agree he would fit well into a zone scheme.

Eli Ricks:

Weight: 6'2

Height: 190

Age: 21

School: Alabama

40-yard dash: TBD


  • Good Press man coverage abilities

  • Aggresive Player

  • Aggresive tackler

  • Good ability to play on the ball


  • Vertical speed isn't great

  • can get caught in between his transitions

Games Watched:

  • Alabama vs LSU 2022

  • Alabama vs Kansas State 2022

  • Alabama vs LSU 2022


Eli Ricks is the Patrick beverly of cornerbacks. Hes a menace going against Wide receivers. His ability to play Press man coverage is astonishing at the college level. I can only imagine what he can bring to an NFL team. As a corner, he has a great mirror ability. Can follow receivers stride for stride. Eli will fit in a man coverage scheme. Preferebly with 2 safeties behind him to help out, but he can handle his own for the most part. With Ricks, his ability to follow receivers falls short below 30 yards. His vertical speed needs to be improved to be a true starting Corner 1. Nonetheless, Eli will be a day 2 pick.

Cam Smith:

Height: 6'0

Weight: 188

Age: 22

School: South Carolina

40 yard dash: 4.43


  • High Iq for a corner

  • Knows route concepts really well

  • Good athleticism


  • Inconsistent tackler

Games Watched:

  • South Carolina vs East Carolina 2021

  • South Carolina vs Kentucky 2022


Cam smith is probably the easiest prospect I have analyzed so far. From the two game films I have seen, Cam Smith has the IQ of a football coach. He sees the game like its in an all 22 format. In many situations, college offenses tried to attack his side with switch concepts, but he wasn't fazed. He made many great plays against those concepts. Cam smith is a fluid athlete. Very good athleticism. Doenst lose speed when transitioning from back pedal. My only concern with Cam smith is that can get over aggressive with his tackling. And with that he can be inconsistent. However, Cam smith is a great athlete. I would be thrilled for him to join the Chargers.

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